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External viewfinder GV-1 - Overview

  • 172780_external-viewfinder-GV-1.jpg

  • Allows for comfortable framing

  • Mounts on the hot shoe almost directly above the lens

  • Includes 21 mm- and 28 mm- frames (equiv. on 35 mm format)

  • Field of view is approx. 90%


The GV-1 is the optical viewfinder specially for GR, GR DIGITAL III / GR DIGITAL II / GR DIGITAL cameras. You can attach the external viewfinder in the hot shoe that is located above the lens, which will not show vignetting caused by the lens barrel. It has the two frames that are equivalent to 28 mm and 21 mm (on 35 mm film cameras). The 21 mm frame will be useful when the wide conversion lens is attached. Rate of view is approx. 90%. Includes case.

Lens type

Alberta type inverse-Galileo lens Optical viewfinder (with 5 lenses)

Finder magnification


Rate of view

Approx. 90% (The aspect ratio of 3:2, 3 m)


Finder image - 1.0D (3 m)

Eye point

From the final face of the eye point lens : 15 mm

From the rear end of the lens frame : 12.8 mm

Pupil diameter : 5 m

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