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D-FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR - Overview

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High-quality macro lens

  • Machined aluminum outer casing
  • Drip-proof construction
  • FREE focusing system
  • SP (super protect) coating
  • Quick-Shift Focus System

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High-quality macro lens using simple drip-proof construction

This lens enables 1:1 (1X) photography at distances up to 13cm from the lens to the subject. The refined aluminum alloy body has a simple drip-proof construction and is built with a compact, lightweight design without an iris ring. This reduces ghosting and flare for enabling superior imaging performance for sharp images with high contrast at all shooting distances. A round iris diaphragm is used for rendering natural out-of-focus (bokeh) background effect.

Refined design using aluminum outer casing and comfortable sense of operation

 New sleek machined aluminum outer casing is used for a refined lens appearance. *The focus mechanism has been completely revised for enabling smooth focusing when using the manual focus and a comfortable sense of operation. *The hood is made of plastic.

Simple drip-proof construction for high reliability even when outdoors

This lens uses a simple drip-proof construction for preventing water from getting inside the lens. Combined with PENTAX digital SLR cameras also using a drip-proof construction enables use in rainy or foggy conditions, or other locations exposed to water for enhanced durability and reliability.

High delineation performance

An image circle is provided that supports 35mm format film SLR cameras.

This lens has a focal length equivalent to 153mm in the 35mm film format.


The FREE (fixed rear element extension) focusing system is used to minimize ghosting and flare and provide clear, high-quality images from the infinity end to macro distances. Closeups up to a maximum of 1:1 (1X) are possible. The working distance is longer than the macro of 50mm for enabling effective shooting of subjects that are difficult to approach.

Round iris diaphragm for natural out-of-focus (bokeh) effect

A new round iris diaphragm is used from open to F5.6. This reduces the beams of light when shooting point light sources for enabling a more natural out-of-focus (bokeh) effect.

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